good menopause

Yoga and nutrition can profoundly affect the physical body and the emotions and are powerful tools to help regulate the adjustments that occur during the transition of the menopause.

Symptoms of menopause may include

  • insomnia and anxiety
  • increased PMS
  • hot flushes and night sweats
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • arthritis and stiffness
  • memory loss and brain fog

Our workshops are designed to help women navigate this transition and learn how yoga postures, diet and even our attitude can help alleviate particular symptoms. To balance the turbulence of the hormonal changes, the yoga postures are restful and restorative and accessible even to those people with no previous yoga experience.


We are thrilled to be partnering with registered nutritional therapist, Sam Josephs, for a bespoke dietary and supplemental overview for menopausal support.

Alongside informing and empowering women by helping them understand the physiological, emotional and cultural impact of the menopause, we will explore various techniques from eastern and western traditions to help further balance the entire nervous system and mental outlook. These include breathing techniques, mindfulness, aromatherapy and ayurveda.

Our approach to this transition into a new phase of womanhood is one of positivity and empowerment. We provide a forum for women to share their experiences and learn to approach this next stage with grace. Now is the time to calm and pacify physically and emotionally, to harness the power that comes with this transition and to welcome and celebrate the advent of the “wise woman” years.


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