Thoughts on yoga in lockdown

I have really deeply enjoyed both teaching and attending classes over lockdown via zoom. I have had the opportunity of studying with renowned teachers from across the globe all in the comfort of my own home and have taught people all over this country and abroad. It is wonderful to be able to learn and practice at home and I think as the evenings draw in and the weather turns colder, we will all appreciate the option of just rolling out our mats ready for class without having to brave the elements!

Just having a dedicated space for yoga at home with all your equipment to hand is a major step towards establishing a self-practice. Taking 10 minutes to do a quick dog pose and savasana means you are progressing from being a “class goer” to becoming a “yoga practitioner”. An inward focused self-practice session is a very different experience to a teacher-led practice. Learning at home via zoom does partly bridge that gap as you are not distracted by other people and all the comings and goings in a group lesson, but I would really recommend trying a couple of simple poses that are familiar on your own over the next few weeks at home. See how it makes you feel 🙂

 I will be making some short instructional videos for some of the classic poses over the next few weeks, so look out for those here and on social media – goodyogauk on all platforms. 

I would also encourage you to invest in some yoga equipment if you are practicing at home. My favourite supplier of props for Iyengar yoga is where they sell the full range of mats, bolsters, belts, chairs etc. It is a worthwhile investment and if you are saving money on cancelled gym membership or if you have a budget from your employer to improve your home/work space, I think this would be a good place to allocate those funds. 

And finally, as so many of you said that you made the lovely recipe I sent out last time, I thought I would include a little bit of lunchtime inspo. In Ayurveda, during Vata season which is now, in the winds and chill of Autumn, the recommendation is to eat warming, nourishing foods. We leave the crisp salads and watermelons of Summer behind and eat hearty and grounding foods to balance us through this transitional season. 

I love to roast a huge tray of vegetables on a Sunday and eat these at lunchtime over the week, with some of the more wintry salad leaves like chicory and rocket, maybe some feta or some beans for some protein in the mix and some seeds to top it off. About to go into the oven now are carrots, beetroot, leeks and butternut squash with some crushed whole garlic cloves and some thyme, salt and pepper and olive oil. Colourful, nourishing and definitely better than a sandwich!

If you are thinking about trying one of my classes online, please drop me an email for all the details. 

Take good care of yourselves! ❄

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