Thoughts on yoga in lockdown

I have really deeply enjoyed both teaching and attending classes over lockdown via zoom. I have had the opportunity of studying with renowned teachers from across the globe all in the comfort of my own home and have taught people all over this country and abroad. It is wonderful to be able to learn and practice atContinue reading “Thoughts on yoga in lockdown”

Yoga to manage menopause

Every woman’s experience of the menopause is different. Some women become hot, irritable, anxious and stressed. Other women feel overwhelmed by low mood, apathy and despondency. And then there is every nuance in between. The way these symptoms manifest can be wildly different, but the causes are the same; a huge shift in hormonal outputContinue reading “Yoga to manage menopause”

Welcoming Autumn 🍁

Hello everyone, The seasons have certainly changed this week and we are now moving swiftly into Autumn. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is the start of Yin season, a time of darkness, and the corresponding energy is inward-turning, cold and slow. Our movements and our food at this time of year should reflect this change afterContinue reading “Welcoming Autumn 🍁”